Tim & Paul:
Thanks very much for the fine job you did for us – for the additional leech line, the foundation digging for the addition, and the grading done afterwards. You certainly did all these things in a timely fashion and when it came to moving your equipment around in such a small space, you did a superb job. Nothing else in the yard was disturbed at all. We appreciated your friendliness and professionalism and we will not hesitate to call you again should a need arise.  In the mist of all of our construction “mess” you guys kept us smiling for sure.

 -Chris & Gail

Dear Paul,
Back in July 1983 you installed our septic system. Your recommendation of materials and installation are still working as well today as the day you installed it. Thanks again for a very professional job you did installing our septic system.

-Robert (Bob) Austin 2-19-2010

Not only do they do great work at great prices, you can actually TRUST them ! Can’t say that about many people who you hire to do work for you these days.

-Greg Stiener via Facebook